DLC Coated Isotope Mini Fob with Tritium Vial


Fob comes with a tritium vial with your choice of color.

• Material: Stainless Steel
• Finish: Near black color, DLC Coated.
• Light Source: Tritium
• Outside Diameter: 5.0 mm [0.197″]
• Overall Length: 20.5 mm [0.81″]
• Split Ring Hole Size: 3.0mm [0.118″]
• Total Assembled Weight (without tritium vial): 2.0 grams [.07 oz]
• Total Assembled Weight (with tritium vial): 2.1 grams [.075 oz]



DLC Coating stands for Diamond-Like Carbon coating, and is a nanocomposite coating that has unique properties of natural diamond low friction, high hardness, and high corrosion resistance. The Merkava Isotope-Mini Fob is a keychain fob specifically designed to hold a standard 3mm x 11mm self-luminous tritium vial. Tritium vials come in a variety of colors, and will glow for many years without requiring any type of “charging” from sunlight. This version of Isotope fob is very similar to our longer Isotope and Isotope 360 fobs, however it is simply shorter in length. This allows you to attach the Isotope to smaller objects such as a keychain flashlight without interfering with its use. And since the vials are short, you get the added benefit of a lower cost compared to our full-length Isotope models. It’s the perfect way to color-coordinate your items in a cost-effective manner! Unlike our conventional line of glow fobs, the Isotope was designed around the use of a glass tritium vial. This makes it noticeably smaller than our standard glow fobs, and allows it to glow continuously without any type of charging cycle! The Isotope is a stainless steel housing, bead blasted to a uniform matte finish. There are 3 slots on each side of the housing to provide maximum tritium visibility, yet offers superior protection of the glass vial. Once the tritium is installed, you simply insert the included rubber plug (spares included) and attach the top split ring. This prevents the tritium vial from sliding out, yet provides an easy way to exchange vials if you want a different color. Attach the Merkava Isotope-Mini Fob to any item you wish to identify in the dark. You can clip it to a backpack, a flashlight, a pocket tool, or even attach it to any jacket as a zipper pull…the uses are endless!


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